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8th Feb 2017

Its good to see you recruit, my name is SGT xxxXXDUTCHXXxxx

Welcome to the 5th Infantry Division "POOLEE" program (PP).
Here you will start your journey in becoming a Enlisted 5th ID member. We will have a couple of rules in this chat, so pleas read it carefully and make sure to reply below if you have read/understood it all. If you have any question, please make sure to contact any PP Officer to assist you.

General/chat Rules
-NO Spamming
-NO Harassing
-NO Personal attacks 
-Religion, race, sexuality 
-Respect the chain of command
-Do not use your rank to get around rules
 General Gameplay Rules 
Do not fire unless fired upon
Do not take tags
No tea-bagging or other disrespect
No ramming with aircraft
No taxing with aircraft
No suicide use of explosives
No fully automatic side-arms
No spamming XM25 explosives
MOS locked throughout match
No spawn beacons
No Team killing


1st offense: PT/kick from server & verbal warning
2nd Offense: PT, kick from server, prohibited from X amount of events, temporary demotion until proven fit
3rd Offense: Court Martial- demotion/kick from milsim / wont be able to re-apply to this milsim


Now, how do you graduate and become a "Enlisted" member of the 5th Infantry Division.......

First you need to change your LINE name to" FNG. GamerTag. 

PP Points based system
1. 12Points are needed to graduate from the PP.

Homework assignment 1-4 points
(PP Staff decides) 
Finishing an Operations 3 points
Bring in a new recruit 1.5 points
Final Exam             5 points
Commenting on Notes ½ Point

• All recruits MUST have finished at least 1x crucible and have 12points to be eligible for graduation.

• Final exam consists of 4h+ crucible with focus on:
o - Formations
o - Marksmanship
o - Callouts
o - Tactics
o - Battle Drills
              ** All this you will learn during this program **

*** Homework assignments will be posted here as a NOTE, That's why you need to make sure to read your notes at least once every 24h. The assignment (NOTE) will be up for 48h before deleted from this chat. 
You will have unlimited time to give your assignment to an PP Officer for review. Make sure to send your assignment as a Personal Message (PM) so no other soldier can take a look at your work! ***

1. After having finished the Final Exam the PP Staff will come together and decide who made the cut and who not.
2. Failing a Final exam or not having enough points for graduation will automatically be a cut
3. Those that failed the PP due to not having enough point are able to re-apply and start from the beginning.

***  Me and my PP Officers will hold a list with everything you have done, completed, or attended so that there will be no mistakes on how many points you have. 

Good luck on your Journey soldier, and remember its not about who makes a 100 kills, its about what you do for this MILSIM.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact one of our officers!


Embrace the good or Evil will come

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17th Feb 2017

Have read it.
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